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In precision plastic engineering, customised automation solution and assembling.


Automation solution and assembling.


Our team includes professionals equipped with technical knowledge and experience for up to forty years.

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Continue to work closely with companies listed in Fortune 500 producing medical grade products, semiconductors and automation.

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Our Product

  • AVIM-05
  • 2D single 12MP color camera, 3 lightings, high-speed controller (R)
  • Auto input & output magazines with 4 magazines buffer
  • Programmable XY table with micro Z-stage for products height setting
  • Vision job files called up by Product Recipe, auto by Bar/QR code scan.
  • Fast conversion for products outline dimension <30 min.

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We strongly believe in the motto “together we can” as we seek to establish relationships with our customers. We believe in working together will enable us to create values for your company. Gem Impression Sdn. Bhd, is the right solution for you.



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