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AOI (Retina)


  • Camera sensor types: CCD (25MP), CMOS (5MP,12MP)
  • Camera resolution : 1um/pixel
  • Camera focus: fixed, variable, super focus and superfast focus.
  • Camera types: normal, high speed and ultra speed
  • Controller: 4 channels (normal speed), 2 channels (high speed)
  • Camera layout: 2D (single camera), 2.5D (3 cameras system)
  • Lightings: coaxial, ring, low angle square light; white light and RGB


  • Line (hair line crack, scratches) detection: 5um above (based on width)
  • Area detection: 5um above (longest of any two directions)
  • Color detection: grey scale different of 30% between the interest and background
  • Special detection: water mark(dried) on glass

Outstanding Ability

  • Higher UPH than most competitors at same price category (almost 2X)

Capable of detecting: particles (5um), micro crack (10um)

  • Able to vacumm suction on MEMS products, special design.
  • Unique software to enable vision inspection by layers and zones (for hybrid products that have IC and PCB). Inspection capability is 10um vs SMT machine 30um.

Special Algorithm

  • Crack inspection tool
  • DefFinder tool
  • DefFinder + Blob tool
  • Multi filtering options
  • 3D tool
  • Expandable algorithm using standard tool


Outstanding Ability

  • Higher UPH match up to Dies Bond machine by using dual camera systems.
  • Capable of detecting: five expoxy colors types, inclusive semi clear.
  • Programmable indexer track width (software conversion based on products recipe)