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For wide board:  PCB size 150mm x 150mm



For HD frame:  strip size 80mm x 300mm

vision display

Vision Display

8 images viewer to show Good, NG



Reject images storage, offline viewer



Link to Server for Map download & uploading

Standard AOI for Semiconductor:

  • AVIM-05
  • 2D single 12MP color camera, 3 lightings, high-speed controller (R)
  • Auto input & output magazines with 4 magazines buffer
  • Programmable XY table with micro Z-stage for products height setting
  • Vision job files called up by Product Recipe, auto by Bar/QR code scan.
  • Fast conversion for products outline dimension <30 min. Options:  AVIM-05_
  • V: Variable focus of DOF up to 100um by sensor close loop control, more superior than Auto focus in term of speed.
  • M: Motorised conversion of Input & Output magazine, Index rack by software based on Product Recipe.
  • T: 3 camera systems for 2.5D /3D application.

AVIM Specification

AOI Milestones
  • 2016

    Deliver 30 units AVIM-01

  • 2017

    Exhibit AOI At Semicon China

  • 2018

    Deliver AVIM-02,03,05 to Taiwan & China

  • 2019

    Upgrade AVIM-01 high speed

Advantages of AOI
  • Consistency of inspection result

    – High GR&R with optimised over and under rejection rate by rejects mode.

    – Can accomadotae 30-50 rejects mode.


  • High productivity

    – UPH can be maximised by # of units per FOV and faster speed hardware.

    – Typical UPH 5K to 25K with single camera system.

  • Faultless and real time rejects data and sharing

    – Reject unit can be identified by rejects hireacy, settable by users.

    – Electronics mapping for good/reject units with images storage and offline retrieval.

    – Mapping can be auto upload to server via SECS/GEM protocal.

  • Data backup for traceability

    – All lots information and images are backup into PC hard drive, which can be periodic backup to external drive.

    Readiness for Industrial 4.0
    – Can further integrated with other front or back process equipments or soltions via SMEMA interface.

Advantages of GEM-i
  • Reputable Japanese vision

    – GEM AOI is fully integrated with Japan ViSCO vision system, which are qualified by major international industrial house.

    – GEM is appointed SE Asia regional integrator.

  • Better Cost/Performance index

    Our basic selling price are lower than most local and asian makers, while our UPH is slighly higher by 10-20%.

  • Finest Detection by Optical

    Result of superior hardware and advanced vision software algoritm, below are key detections capability:

         a). 5um or below for particles

         b). 10um for micro crack, chipping

         c). semi transparent epoxy.

         d). DOF 100um for height/level variation using variable focus camera

         e). Multiples zones/levels inspection for large or hybrid devices, 10um detection compare to SMT vision 30-50um.

  • Ideal Platform Design for AOI

    Non-moving camera with XYZ index tables are most ideal platform design for best quality images under high magnification application.

  • High Flexibility in Device/Products conversion

    – For devices conversion is auto by scanning and auto setting via product recipe.

    – For products conversion (with different frame outline LxW), it is by fast changeover or software motorised.

  • Regional support and upgrading

    GEM staffs are fully trained by ViSCO for vision support, and we also provide vision system upgrading for other maker machines.

2D Inspection
Wires Balls
Wires Stitch
BGA: one unit two images (17x17)
BGA: Reject Images
BGA: one unit two images (17x17)
QFN: one unit two images (3x3 to 7x7)
BGA: Reject Images
Inspection items
  • No chip
  • Double dies
  • Catering
  • Scratches
  • Fine crack
  • Broken / chipping
  • FM / particles
  • Edge dies
  • Die rotate
  • Die position
  • Lifted stiches
  • Stray wires
  • Wire short
  • Missing bond
  • Double bond
  • Bond off pads
  • Offset leads
  • Wires sagging
  • Tight loop
  • High loop
  • Small balls
  • Smash bond
  • Broken neck
  • Wires tail
  • Wrong bond
Epoxy/ Glue
  • Insufficient epoxy
  • Epoxy spil / overflow
  • Epoxy on dies
  • Epoxy on leads
  • Semi-transparent epoxy
  • Particles size detection 5um, 6um.
  • Number of particles
  • Particles on MEMS
  • Particles on Dies
  • Particles on Images Sensor (below glass)
3D Wires Bond
  • Wires height – Max
  • Wires height – Min
  • Wires height deviation – Max (+ve direction)
  • Wires height deviation – Max (-ve direction)